This is about youth intervention movements.

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#YoSoy 132


The #YoSoy 132 movement calls on the youth and citizens of Mexico to fight the injustice and corruption in politics by using the voice that social…


MACS 410 #YoSoy132 Final Paper.doc

This paper discusses the Yo Soy 132 movement in Mexico that occurred during the 2012 presidential elections. It gives a brief history of corruption…

Express Yourself, Iran

MACS410 - Iranian Youth Presentation.ppt

This presentation looks that ideas of self expression and the media landscape in Modern-day Iran.

Anonymous and Early Computing: Free Speech or Software Piracy?

410 paper Domier.docx

Anonymous has taken a stance that is, to a certain extent, similar to the hobbyist groups of the 1970s in their advocacy for open and freely available…

Finding a Voice, Iran

Finding a Voice - Protest in an Evolving Mediascape.doc

After analyzing the various forms of media that were instrumental in the 2009 Iranian protests, the question is why they were so instrumental.